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How far is Bridges from the city?
We are less than 15 minutes from the corner of McGillivray and the Perimeter Highway on a newly paved highway (No. 2 ) and inside 40 minutes from downtown Winnipeg.

When we played Bridges 10 years ago it was too difficult for us, the doglegs were too severe and if you rolled into the tree line you just couldn't find your ball!
Much of the underbrush has been cleared out and many trees have also been removed to enable our customers to hit away on holes which in the past would not be possible!

Bridges is so expensive!
Our rates are comparable to most sought-after courses like Larters, Bel Acres, Rossmere, Falcon Lake, Clear Lake and Southwood. We know our rates are comparable because they have to be!

How long does it take to play your course?
Our standard round of golf usually is inside 4 1/2 hours. We supervise the golf course steadily and are very conscious of and do not allow slow play.

We thought Bridges was too much of a fancy place for us and were a little intimidated by all the fuss and service that we heard about?
Well we hope we can spoil you a little here that is one of our main goals! Yes we like picking up our customers in the parking lot and giving them their power carts for the day and wishing them well, absolutely! We haven't heard of one person that doesn't like that!

Bridges does have some services that others don't, but we believe they are presented to the golfer in a casual, friendly manner that is easy to feel comfortable with! Yes, it is a beautiful facility with a championship golf course, but Bridges philosophy has always centered around trying to present some country charm to our customers and that is about as far away as you can get from being too fancy, we think!