Due to MLCC regulations, absolutely no personal alcohol is allowed on golf course property. This applies also to any sampling of alcohol on the golf course. Sampling must follow the MLCC guidelines. The MLCC has strictly enforced this LAW. Anyone in violation of this law will be asked to leave without refund.

Our dress code is standard for most golf courses: no muscle shirts or tang tops and we ask that shorts be sensibly in length (no jogging or swimming shorts) as well no sweat pants.

Golf carts are to be driven in a safe and courteous manner. Only (2) two players and their equipment are allowed on each cart. Any damage to the carts will be communicated to the tournament organizer and all relevant damage costs will be forwarded with the tournament invoice.

Please adhere to the general etiquette of golf which includes: raking bunkers, replacing divots, repairing ball marks and acting in a courteous and professional manner to staff and other patrons.

Bridges Golf Course has a 4 hour and 30 minute pace of play policy and in fairness to all golfers cannot allow slow play! If the course host finds your group out of position, the following procedures will be taken;

Your group will be informed that they are out of position and have fallen back.

The group will be allowed to play the next hole in an attempt to get back into position.

In consideration of all the players on the course the group will be asked to either play the forward tees or skip a hole.