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Welcome to the 1st Annual Bridges PGA Tour Golf Pool 2019  


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 At Bridges we decided to create a way for our clients and friends to have some fun and win some prizes. What better way to do this then to start our 1st Annual Season Long Bridges Golf Pool. The pool is free, simple, easy to enter and once you have entered we do all of the work. The pool is open to you and as many of your friends that you want to invite. 

 Are there Prizes?

Lots of prizes! Plus incentive prize draws, not only for you joining, but for also for getting your friends to join. All supplied by Bridges Golf Course and our major sponsor Srixon/Cleveland. See prize details below.

 How does it work?

You simply pick one player from each of the 8 Tiers. The total money these players accumulate starting with the  January 3rd, Sentry Tournament of Champions to the season endng Tour Championship August 22-25th will determine overall winner. 

What Does it cost?

Absolutley Nothing!

When can I enter?

Entry starts on November 20th, 2018 and ends on January 2nd, 2019.

What if I have questions? 


 Full details on the golf pool are listed below

 How to Enter

1. Click on the following Link – Bridges Golf Pool 2019  Teams may be entered starting November 20th

2. Pick one Player from each of the 8 Groups.

 Players groupings are based on their World Rankings/PGA Tour Status as of November 19th, 2018

  • Tier 1     Rankings 1 - 10 
  • Tier 2     Rankings 11 - 20
  • Tier 3     Rankings 21 - 30
  • Tier 4     Rankings 31 - 40
  • Tier 5     Rankings 41 - 50
  • Tier 6     Rankings 51 - 75
  • Tier 7     Rankings 76 - 100
  • Tier 8     Wild Cards

 NOTE: Choose only players on selection list. No other players can be added.

 3. Enter a team name, your full name and a valid email address

 4. Submit entry

 5. You will receive a confirmation email that will show your Team Entry, a link that will allow you to change your team up until January 2nd, 11:59pm and a link to the leaderboard showing all teams and where they stand. The leaderboard can also be viewed on the Bridges Web Site.

 Great Prizes 

First Place Overall 

 $1,000.00 Srixon/Cleveland Golf Equipment Package plus 4 Green Fees Including Golf cars

This will be awarded to the contestant whose team accumulates the most dollars earned  on the PGA Tour from January 3rd to August 25th.

Srixon-Cleveland Golf-XXIO  

 Second to Fifth Place Prizes

4 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CAR - Those contestants with teams finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in the golf pool will each  recieve this prize 

 Monthly Pool Leader Prize 

 2 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CAR - This prize will be awarded to the team leading at the end of each month. Leader will be based on the following  cut off dates, Jan. 27, Feb. 24, Mar. 31, Apr. 28, May 26, June 30 & July 28.

The Leader on Bridges Opening Day

2 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CAR -  If the Bridges Opening Day falls on the Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the current PGA event being played, the winner will then be the team leading prior to that event starting.

 Incentives to Join

 Incentive Number 1

The first 500 people submitting a team will be entered in a draw to win 4 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CARS

Entry into the golf pool starts on November 20th. Enter Bridges Golf Pool

 Incentive Number 2

For each new customer email that a contestant provides Bridges Golf Course, that contestant will receive an entry in a draw to win 4 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CARS

  • To enter simply email and provide the name and email address of your friend or friends who are going to enter the golf pool.
  • Your friend’s email will not be used by Bridges unless they personally enter the contest.
  • Once your friend enters the golf pool with the email you provided, you will then be entered into the contest.
  • You will receive one entry into the draw for very new customer email provided.

Incentive Number 3

Follow  Bridges Golf Course on our  Social Media Pages and you will  be eligible to win additional prize packages of 4 GREEN FEES INCLUDING GOLF CARS. 

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 Rules and Regulations

  • The  2019 Pool will start on January 3, 2019, with the Sentry Tournament of Champions and end with the Tournament of Champions on August 25th, 2019.
  • Entries for the 2019 Pool will not be accepted until after the RSM Classic is completed on November 18. Everyone will be sent an email with the entry link shortly after the RSM Classic is completed or simply click on an Enter Bridges Golf Pool Link.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59pm Wednesday January 2nd, 2019.
  • Only one entry per email address will be allowed. Any teams entered using a duplicate email will be deleted with exception of the original team.
  • During the entry period, teams that you enter will be secure and will not be visible to other participants. Only after the entry deadline passes will all teams become visible to all owners. This will be on January 3rd.
  •  Winners are determined by the amount of money that your golfers earn on the PGA Tour and WGC events. (excluding Fed Ex Bonus money).
  • Prizes will be awarded according to your team money earnings and through the incentive draws


Enter Bridges Golf Pool 

 Pool Administrator - Corey Braaksma 


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