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GET GOLF READY Get Golf Ready is a FUN introductory adult golf program designed to get new golfers to the game or engage a lapsed player who may have taken many years off and needs help to get going again. The program is designed specifically for the person who hasn’t had much, if any, golf experience and needs to get the basics down and then start practicing and playing. The program consists of five lessons covering all of the basic fundamentals, including full swing, short game and putting. The program also includes discussion on golf etiquette, how to care for the course, such as, fixing ball marks or divots, basic rules and golf terminology.  Along with the instruction recieved there is also an on course session to provide actual experience on how and what to do during a traditional game of golf. The lesson are taught in  small groups, are very informative, interactive and always lots of FUN!

Sign up as an indivdual or form your own private group. Start enjoying a game that will last a lifetime! 

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Lesson 1: Putting "The Hole is the Goal"  Learn the basics of putting, including how to read the green. There are many fun drills in this lesson and many you will learn to do on your own as you practice. Read more ...

Lesson 2: Chipping & Short Pitching. "Getting it Close" Learn the basics of how to chip the golf ball from just off the green. Learn to use a variety of clubs for this shot and how to make the ball stay low in the air and roll across the green. You will also learn how to pitch the ball in the air and land softly on the green. Mastering these short shots will help you lower scores much quicker.Read more ...

Lessons 3: "Full Swing." Learn the four basic fundamentals of GRIP, ALIGNMENT, STANCE and POSTURE. You will also learn the importance of weight transfer and proper balance. You’ll use irons in the first full swing lesson and hybrids and woods in the second lesson. Read more ..

Lesson 4: "Driving and Full Swing" Review the four basic fundamenals of the full swing and introduce the use of hybrids, fairway woods and the driver. Read more...

Lesson 5: "Course Play". It’s time to head to the course for your first view of tee boxes, fairways, greens and to learn about basic rules such as water hazards, out of bounds and others. Read more...

This complete program will get you ready to start playing and practicing to improve your game. The lessons are lots of fun, you will meet new people and hopefully start playing a game that will last the rest of your life. Remember, golf is about family, friends and fun!





Get Ready Golf Program Includes:

  • Five (5) - 60 minute Classes
  • Unlimited practice balls during all class sessions
  • One session of on-course instruction
  • Free equipment use during classes
  • One- 9 hole Bridges Golf Course Pass ( Tee off after 6pm - golf cart not inlcuded)

Cost: $199 per person

Class Ratio: Maximum 8:1

Upgrade Options:

  1. Upgrade inlcudes 10 Large Buckets & Five (5) - 9 Hole Green fees (Tee of after 6pm - golf cart not included)
  2. Upgrade includes 10 Large Buckets & Ten (10) - 9 Hole Green Fees (Tee off after 6pm - golf cart not included)

In your 5 lesson experience you will learn:

Proper warm up & stretching
How to hold the club
How to prepare mentally & physically to take a swing
How to get the ball closer to the hole — chipping, pitching & other shots from short distances
How to care for the course
Getting comfortable with the full swing
How to use your irons to get the ball in the air & onto the green
The "lingo," terms like fairway, rough, tee box, green, divot & bunker
How to hit driver & other 'big' clubs – hitting the longer shots
Starting play from the correct tee markers —TEE IT FORWARD for more fun
Tips for playing in groups, on teams & other fun ways to play
Course navigation, card driving & riding
Review of the rules & keeping score
More opportunities for you to come back & play golf


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Get Ready Golf

Session 1 - Group

Session 1-1

Mon. May 7 11am

Session 1-2

Mon. May 14 11am

Session 1-3

Mon. May 21 11am

Session 1-4

Mon. May 28 11am

Session 1-5

Mon. June 4 11am

Get Ready Golf

Session 2 - Ladies

Session 2-1

Mon. May 7 6pm

Session 2-2

Mon. May 14 6pm

Session 2-3

Mon. May 21 6pm

Session 2-4

Mon. May 28 pm

Session 2-5

Wed. June 6 6pm

Get Ready Golf

Session 3 - Group

Session 3-1

Tues. May 8 11am

Session 3-2

Tues. May 15 11am

Session 3-3

Tues. May 22d 11am

Session 3-4

Tues. May 29 11am

Session 3-5

Tues. June 4 11am

Get Ready Golf

Session 4 - Ladies

Session 4-1

Tues. May 8 6pm

Session 4-2

Tues. May 15 6pm

Session 4-3

Tues. May 22 6pm

Session 4-4

Tues. May 29 6pm

Session 4-5

 Thurs. June 7 6pm

Get Ready Golf

Session 5 - Ladies

Session 5-1

Sat. May 12 11am

Session 5-2

Sat. May 19 11am

Session 5-3

Sat. May 26 11am


Session 5-4

Sat. June 2 11am


Session 5-5

Sat. June 9 11am


Get Ready Golf

Session 6 - Group

Session 6-1

Sat. May 12 1pm

Session 6-2

Sat. May 19 1pm


Session 6-3

Sat. May 26 1pm


Session 6-4

Sat. June 2 1pm


Session 6-5

Sat. June 9 1pm

  Ladies Lessons  |  Junior Lessons  |  Group Lessons  |  Individual Lessons