Golf Course Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities with Bridges Golf Course

At Bridges Golf Course, our customers are more than likely your customers as well. We offer numerous ways to help gain exposure to your customers, by providing several avenues to direct your company message and directive to our golfers, to the amount of 25,000 annual visits to the golf course, and additional 10,000 visits to the clubhouse itself. We have advertising packages and offers that fit every company’s budget as well, ranging anywhere from $150 to $3500. Did we mention that advertising package at Bridges Golf Course includes a built in golf package for you and your customers, clients and employees! Call us today to start planning your campaign at Bridges Golf Course!

Here are a few examples of the marketing and advertising opportunities that exist at Bridges Golf Course:

Scorecard Advertising

Have your company featured on our scorecard, visible to up to 25,000 golfers annually.

GPS On-Screen Advertising

New for 2024, have your company, brand and/or products displayed directly to the customer as they ride in the cart. Ads are full colour and interact with 35 000+ customers with call to action via a QR code. Limited opportunities, let’s connect today!


Golf League Sponsorship

Have your company and/or specific product featured to our mens or ladies league during the post-golf reception. Be a title sponsor of a league, and be visible on a weekly basis to our membership, on all league mailouts and e-blasts, all cart and course signage, and announced and spoken of during every post-golf reception.

Beverage Cart Sponsoring

Have your company featured on one of our beverage carts, visible to up to 25,000 rounds annually. Showcase your company message, logo and product photos on all four sides of the cart.

Tee Sign Advertising

Have your business card featured on a tee sign next to the hole’s picture, yardage, and general information. Prominent displayed at the start of each hole, you are sure to have your company visible to up to 25,000 golfers annually.

Contact us today for many other options that may be available to suit your specific budget!

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